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Why I Don’t Post On Social Issues Any More?

Posted in India, Politicians, Politics, Society, Women Issues by Tall Guy on July 12, 2020


I just checked, the last time I wrote a post on here was in the year 2017 and that’s almost like three years now.

The reason I created this blog was to talk about the issues that’s plaguing our country, society or at an individual level. I wanted it to be separate from my personal blog where I still write.

I happened to write for a blog site when the citizen journalism was an “in thing”. Got a good feedback, encouraged to write more and improve, learn and then came to a point that it now does not exists anymore.

This was going to be my space where I can ramble about the issues that bothered me.

Not anymore though. I have reached to a point wherein I believe everyone thinks that all this is a joke and every issue that is talked about is taken to such an extent that it makes you cringe in disbelief.

I really think that one should check the dictionary or at least search the meaning of the words “discussion” and “argument” before one plunges into it supporting their views. No harm comes from expressing one’s views until it goes on to attack the other person personally and not their views.

Social media is like an open door for all. How you use it, defines you. You can use it for the good, bad and yes the worse too. We have all seen how well that works out.

The fourth estate or fourth power was suppose to be the one holding the pedestal higher to bring out the transparency and keep the checks and balances in place. Albeit it has lost its way in terms of survival, staying prominent and yes to make more money. Apparently the so-called journalists, media houses seems to have an agenda of their own pushing their own motives into the people’s mind.

The truth is laying low among those people who wish to make things right but are faced with challenges with every step they take. One might wonder why do all it in the first place when it seems nobody cares? My best guess would be they have a moral compass and calling that seldom people would understand. Some take their responsibilities seriously!!

In the middle of it, one may ask the role of people in it. To begin with it has everything to do with people. This is the India that stands today because of its people’s thoughts, choices and actions. If one wants a better place for their children and themselves to live in, one needs to introspect about their choices. Then again thinking is so outdated.

To be honest, I liked India being a democratic country and yes people exercising their rights, nation going in the right direction to become an economic super power. A nation like India with so many diversity and cultures will have a lot of differences in thoughts, directions and action plans. The resolve to overcome them to built a better nation is the need of the hour. It will take people from all walks of life to make this come through.

Think you are at an traffic signal with the red signal on with minimum traffic. There is no cctv and you know you have to remain behind the lines. What do you do?

Its what you do when you think no one is looking. Now think about the nation and you will get the whiff of what’s happening around.

As for me, I will be going on a hibernation mode until I find something worth to write about…

The Perfect Score 100%

Posted in Uncategorized by Tall Guy on July 8, 2017

I happen to read the papers and the tenth standard results were out with many scoring a perfect 100.

A few years back getting a perfect 100 was nearly impossible as no education board used to give them. Apparently you can score 100% now by enrolling into sports, arts and culture wherein one can get extra marks.

It just made me think about the students who ended at the lower end of the pyramid with low scores.

A tenth standard scores is considered very crucial as its like a stepping stone to the direction of the career one will choose.

With colleges coming up with cut-off percentage to admit students, students who have not done well or may be score a 65-75% will not be able to get into colleges.

To make them go through that kind of phase so early in life is something not justified when one is preparing them to take on the real world.

The education board seriously need to think about setting up the bar so high and the repercussions that can be felt by students on the lower order.

We all know that marks that one get in schools/colleges does not defines you once you are out in the real world. Still punishing those who did not do well at the cusp of their careers is certainly not justified.

Hope this trend of giving the perfect score is revamped.


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Media Callousness

Posted in media lows, Uncategorized by Tall Guy on April 30, 2017

A few days ago the whole nation seem to be obsessed with the chaos that Sonu Nigam’s tweet created over the use of loudspeakers for Azaan on Twitter.

It was bound to create controversy and it sure did and it soon came to the understanding that he voiced his opinion towards one community when that was not the case.

All kinds of opinions and fatwa came in but no one bothered to inform or should I say make aware that he was speaking about the use of loudspeakers for religious activities.

However in the midst of all of this raises a question about the Media’s responsibility towards putting the facts right in front of the people to form a correct/fair opinion. Something that did not happen here.

Similarly when the news of SnapChat CEO’s comment over India broke out, the media did not clear the reality behind it. It lead to a movement that people began uninstalling the app and down rating it in the app market.

The above incidents clearly indicate that times have really changed and media whose job was to make sure that the truth/fact is reported has been changed into sensationalism which could lead to higher TRP’s & what not’s.

In the age of Whatapp, Twitter, FB wherein news spreads like wildfire its equally the responsibility of the media to ensure that facts/truth are reported.

Then again, the people who appear gullible for the news that breaks in for to get their facts right before they come to a conclusion.

As far as the media goes, this is not going to be the last but hope it turns around like a cycle and good times are back again with a BANG!

The Apprentice (Donald Trump)

Posted in Uncategorized by Tall Guy on October 14, 2016

“You are Fired” is what I saw him doing when I started watching the show “The Apprentice” He would carry the aura of a self made man and would go on to explain on why he has fired the candidate.

I used to watch that show a lot, even liked the song “Money Money” played in the background as the program would start with images hovering around the Trump Tower.

Back then I did not knew who Donald Trump was. I only knew that he was a real estate business and made a lot of moolah in it. Apart from that he also owned the Miss World beauty pageant.

The US presidential elections is an event that the whole world watches with keen. Considering that its a world leader, choice of a president has it after effects on other countries depending on the path the newly elected President decided to takes.

History was made during the last US elections, when Mr. Barack Obama the first African-American was made president of the USA. People thought it was a dream turned into a reality as it changed the course of history for the country.

This elections too will recreate history if Hillary Clinton wins the elections to become the first women president of USA. It does comes as a surprise that they never had a women president given that movement of gender equality is strong over there as compared to India.

As the Democratic party backed Hillary Clinton who got the nomination from her party, the Republican party seems to be caught clueless as to whom to back who will win the presidential elections for them.

Seventeen names cropped up to get the nomination from their party but it all came down to one name. That name was Donald Trump. Yes, I know you wondering what is he doing bidding for the president elections. Apparently it was his time to be the candidate vying to be “The Apprentice”.

Except for the fact that this was not a TV show but the reality with the world as an audience and yes no retakes and cuts. It could not get any real than this.

Donald became the ‘Trump’ card when he won the nomination bid from his party. Snatching away victory from the politicians whose profession is politics…

If the fact that if his hair is real or a wig got people’s attention his foot in the mouth statements during his speeches left them with jaw dropping mouths. It felt as if he invented the foot int the mouth disease.

The ‘Trump’ card that people hoped Donald would turn out against a strong competitor like Hillary turned out to be the ‘Joker’. Alas waking up from their sleep would not get rid of their nightmare.

Every word that came out created more chaos and awe among the people all around. The nightmare seem to get only worse. He was more better as a billionaire looking after his business who appeared more subtle than now where he seems to be shooting from his hip every now and then.

This Joker is feared more than the one in the Dark Knight movie.

When one talks about electing someone as a President of a country. The person should exude confidence and is able to carry out his duties responsible towards his nation. To make that critical decision when no one want to make one.

To thinks about those characteristics in a president and then look at Donald Trump on the other end, I think one know what the right choice is all about.

Sorry, to say Mr. Trump but you are fired as your incompetency reflects in your actions. You have not been able to be a team player to carry your party together under your leadership. To be a role model for the people to whom you wish to guide the path of the future of your country. You are fired from becoming “The Apprentice”.

I hope the people in the US too take their decision wisely.

Change Is Imminent

Posted in India, Politicians, Politics by Tall Guy on January 9, 2014

Have you seen the movie Nayak where in the end of the movie, Anil Kapoor drastically changes the state by eradication of corruption and implementing policies that hounds the tax evaders and make the government coffers richer? If not then please do watch the movie.

It was the only movie perhaps wherein attempts were made to make us see what good governance can do to change the state of its people. Albeit all this could only be an imagination in our minds till now until one man’s determination has become quite a game changer in our indian politics.

Who could have believed that the common man can come together and take on the existing political parties by giving them a run for their money. It could nevertheless be a dream but one man decided to change it all when enough was enough.

Given the way the inflation has risen which end ups wiping half of the salary of the middle and lower class people. To be riddled with a system which is full of corruption and the word that goes by around is ki “paisa bolta hain”

Its really heartening to see a party full of common man coming into the scene and yes winning the elections too. The way they have won the elections in Delhi surely made the existing parties shiver and rethink on their strategies of what people really want from a government.

It’s still a long way to go for the common man but the fire has been started. It does reflect one thing that change is imminent.

We have been put up with a system that stopped functioning for its citizens and the power in the hands of few was only served in the best interest of vested people. That only opens the doors to corruption and injustice.

The clamor for a change has begun and it needs to be seen what all roadblocks it overcomes to build the road for good governance that serves its people in the truest spirit.

“Zindagi jeene ke do hi tarike hote hai ek jo ho raha hai hone do, bardaasht karte jao ya phir jimmedari uthao use badalneki”

— From Rang De Basanti movie.


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I and my friend were awaiting the arrival of the train, when he popped up the question of “What do you think of the Delhi gang rape?”

My first reaction was a “forced” silence that I thrusted upon myself with thoughts coming in my mind that no matter what I think about the issue, it will not end up making a difference.

As of now there is a lot of anguish among the people over the brutality of the incident that took place. How the life of a young girl with desires of fulfilling her dreams was abrupt cut short by men who unleash the beasts that resided within them.

It feels good that protests are being carried out throughout the nation demanding for better protection, to protect the rights of women and punish the culprits guilty of such heinous crime. The real question is will we be able to make that difference?

We, the Indian citizens suffer from short-term memory loss. Its like straight out of the movie Ghajini and donning the role of Amir Khan who lives in the reality for a short moment and is always clueless of his actions. We will vent out of fury, cry and make noise and then after a few days with our govt. making false assurances go back to our old ways as if nothing has happened.

India today is represented by inefficient, corrupt politicians for whom their own interests come first before the nation. The sad part is that none of the political parties can truly states that largest democratic country lives by the laws of “government of the people, by the people and for the people” the pillars of foundation for a democratic country.

Justice is dead in this country. The only place where people pin their hopes to get justice is our judicial system. Our courts is plagued by backlog of cases, shortage of judges to preside over court. The time the court takes to pass verdict often make people cynical and sarcastic. Wonder if justice can truly be delivered or the system is leveraged to benefit the corrupt/culprits as long as justice is delayed. Yet one only hears of talks of improving the system but no concrete progress has been made. Funnily though all of this does not stop the courts from going on vacations (set up during the British empire) even as justice is awaited…..

What do people in such a nation should do? Choose to look the other side? even though our so-called elected representatives are not doing the job they are supposed to. Are the people suppose to watch in silence like Gandhiji’s three monkeys “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”?

Its time to take a stand, make that difference that a nation needs from its people. The protest for the Delhi gang rape should not just stop there. Stating opinions will not make a difference unless followed by action. So the question now is what are we waiting for……

Bonus: The below ad rightly portrays the sentiment of India.

People and Government

Posted in India, Politics by Tall Guy on March 4, 2012

Every time the elections are around, we again make people go through the grind of how important it is to vote. Every time it happens that the government that do gets elected on the basis of the masses voting always have ulterior motives rather than to serving the people.

So when one hears of talks about the importance of voting, the question that arises is ok, will vote but to whom? Is there anyone who can be vouched for? To make the difference that we want to see?

There is no answer to the above question at least not in the current scenario. We keep talking about electing a good government which will or hope to look after the welfare of the people better. What about the people, are we not questionable or answerable to the kind of government that we keep electing which only benefits the privilege class of the society and filling the coffers of ministers who do take an oath to perform their duties but only for their benefit.

Recently there has been a surge of anti-corruption protests due to the Anna Hazare’s effort which all again seem to have died down. Many people supported the movement in the hope of making India a corruption free country. Do you honestly think gathering people in crowds, putting up likes in Facebook on anti-corruption link will make us corruption free country? If it had the power, we would have been liberated long back. Things certainly don’t work that way, does it?

When you break the tariff signal and try to butter up the traffic constable so that he does not fine you; even ready to pay a bribe to let you scot-free, do you ever think that are you doing the right thing?  These things go on and on and our government is no different than its people.

If we want the government to act responsibly, we also need learn about our civic responsibilities before we sit and only complain instead of trying to make a difference. It’s easy to blame the government for everything but never oneself when we try to bail out the cousin/nephew/friend who apparently ran over his/her car over people while driving drunk.

If you want your lanes to be clean, make the habit of throwing the garbage in the dust bin instead of out in the streets. It only take one to lead and others to follow, then again no one wants to be the one to end up as a martyr coz as a follower it’s easy to disappear in the crowd and shrug the responsibility.

Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi are born once in 100 years that too because enough has been enough. In a normal situation of governance, its people with jobs who make sure that their families get to eat at the end of the day need to stand up and protect their rights and fight for it.

It’s really an irony that until one becomes a victim of the system that one realize how badly its screwed up and how we need to beat it by being part of it.

Voting is not going to make that difference until we make these political leaders/parties realize who really have the decision making power. To make them see that we should time and time again realize them people are not supposed to be taken for granted.

Carrying out rallies or casting a vote is not going to make a difference till we take it upon our shoulders the responsibility of seeing a new India with change that we want to see.

Which Direction Are We Going?

Posted in India, Mumbai, Women Issues by Tall Guy on November 20, 2011

Had read about this news about the Amboli killings and the reactions that it draw and only one thing comes to my mind is it going to remain fresh on the minds of the people later or is it going to be one of those incidents where the general public will voice their opinions/reactions but as the day passes it becomes a forgotten memory.

Has anybody given a thought about how to prevent such incidents to prevent in future or what steps need to be taken if one found themselves in such a situation?

I don’t think creating a facebook page or signing petitions are going to help. For such incidents we need to be practical and need to provide solutions which a person can use in case they find themselves in such position.

Merely going gaga over the episode is not going help only to be forgotten later. What happened to the Ruchika case, nobody remembers cause its not in news any more. That’s the sad part of our society.

If we want real changes to happen, we need to make them happen…………

The King of the Roads

Posted in Bombay, crowd, Mumbai, Society by Tall Guy on September 14, 2011

Bombay is the city of dreams, and there is no better way of witnessing this in a weekday morning when people are rushing to work and that would be especially catching an Auto Rickshaw.

The length people go to catch an Auto these days really shows our  desperation  just to reach at a place in time. There is no better place than to witness it on a BEST bust stop.

One can see the attempts to make halt almost every Auto even though its carrying it passengers and sometimes none and not even stopping by and tries fooling us by keeping the meter at half down. One can witness the funny side of life at this moment.

Even when an Auto do decides to make a halt, there is a maddening rush to get inside first. In fact two sisters got separated as one got in the Auto and other one got left out as a stranger occupied the vacant space.

If standing on the road does not gets you an Auto and you are with someone, make sure to send them to the other side of the road so that you can have a win-win situation every time a vacant Auto passes by…

The Auto in the city have surely become rare as one has to wait for some time (which could go to 10-15 and maybe an half an hour too) to catch a vacant auto.  There are even times when people actually pray that they are able to catch an auto in time.

No wonder the Auto Rickshaws in Bombay are surely the king of the roads….


A New Change in the Offing??

Posted in India, Politicians, Politics by Tall Guy on August 22, 2011

I was walking down the road today and I see an old man wearing a paper headband with Anna Hazare mentioned and his name and number. As I reached another place, saw an old couple walking down the road, with the old man wearing a human billboard in praise of our PM (you know what I mean) that showed support to Anna Hazare’s cause which has the country in upheaval as they try to pass the Jan Lokpal bill.

It’s good to see that finally the Indians have decided to stand for something, not sure if even more than half of them know the difference about the Government Lokpal bill and the Jan Lokpal bill. To see people standing for something really shows that we are ready to bring a change in the nation that it badly needs.

I hope this only the beginning of the more people agitations to come against far more serious issues where our elected politicians need to learn that people cannot be taken granted. The corrupt should be punished and the welfare of the people should be a priority.

Let us all believe that we can be the change that we want to see in the world, the only thing it requires is the drive to make it happen……

So do you have it in you?