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Lost Consciousness

Posted in India, Politicians by Tall Guy on January 9, 2010

The Tamil Nadu ministers are facing the brunt of the nation as the video above showed an inspector being attacked by gangsters and left on the road for dying.  Apparently their slow response to the situation resulted in his death as they waited for the ambulance to arrive, even though there was a convoy of cars parked on the road.

Though the shocking video evoked public outrage on how the ministers fail to act but this does not surprises me.  Their reaction was no different to what we as people do when come across as injured people lying on the roads due to an accident.

We gathered around in crowds and just watch instead of trying to save the victim’s life.  It would take some exceptional people, still in touch with their conscious who would choose to react and do the necessary to get medical treatment for the victim.

When we ourselves take time to react in such situations, how do we expect the ministers to react quickly who are only mortal like us?

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