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Posted in Children, Open Spaces by Tall Guy on March 29, 2010

I do consider myself lucky that when I was growing up there was no dearth of open spaces in the city or to say in my area whenever we wanted to play a game of cricket.  The same cannot be said today.

There were four grounds in the area where children or rather boys would gather to play cricket.  There were matches played simultaneously without disrupting each other’s game as the pitches we batted on would be next to each other.

As it is the open spaces in residential buildings is used for car parking leaving little space for the kids to play.  If that was not enough, today buildings come up without any open spaces thereby depriving the kids of the much needed outdoor activities.  So if the kids want to play out in the open where should they go?

Out of the four grounds, two were public grounds and other two private.  One of the grounds got converted into a sports complex cum jogger’s park.  The other public ground which was as it’s shorter and in a rectangular format had a jogger track added to it.

The two private grounds which were earlier open to public have been fenced off barring children to enter.  That just leaves only one ground in the area for the children to play.  The question is how many children can be accommodated in a single playground where the number of people goes up in more than hundred.

I believe the same story hold true for many cities and places in India where the open spaces and grounds are disappearing to accommodate residential buildings and complexes.  If this keeps happening, the children might never step outside and would be at home playing video games and watching tv.  It’s also important from the health perspective that children engage in outdoor activities so that their bodies can develop.

Its time that we start protecting these open grounds before they completely extinct and deprive the children of tomorrow from knowing how it feels to play in the open air.


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