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The Ayodhya Verdict

Posted in India, Politicians, religion by Tall Guy on September 27, 2010

They say god is everywhere and still we are fighting where do the god belongs.

I find it strange that a lot of bloodshed had been done; all because the saviors of religion wanted the god to regain his old place of which he was long displaced long before India got its independence and there were people who tried to build temple for the god by destroying the mosque of another god which as we know led to a lot of bloodshed.  That place is called Ayodhya the birthplace of Ram, Ram Janmabhoomi or the place where Babri Masjid stands today.

No matter what the verdict comes out on the 28th Sept 2010 or perhaps latter, the so called saviors of religion will see to it that they get what they want or else we know what happened in 1992.

Religion has long been used as a bait for politics and this issue is no different.  Why cannot god from both religion be worshipped on the same place which should be the perfect example of peace and harmony given that we are a country of diversity where people of different religions living together?

Then again such a solution wont be acceptable to the saviors of religion would they?  There are far greater issues plaguing the country but the political parties are obsessed with religion so that they can claim a vote bank and continue their hallow governance and keep filling their coffers in the name of serving the people.

Where does it leave the common man in the midst of this?  Does it matter what the common man thinks about this issue?  I don’t think the people of politics give a damn to that.  After all the common man is busy earning his daily living and avoiding such issues so that he doesn’t get hurt in the middle of the war.

No wonder that we live in a world of ignorance where it does not matter what’s going on unless it affects one.  No matter what the outcome is, the common man is only going to hope that it does not remind them of the bloodshed in the past.

It is such an irony that we fight to give god back his place and don’t even care about people who don’t have a home to live…


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