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Just Pathetic

Posted in India by Tall Guy on February 2, 2011

When I read this piece of news, I was like what could be worse for this women that she lost her limbs because of thieves or that she lost it because the doctors who could rejoin it decided that it was more important to be part of a strike than to attend critical patients needs.

Doctors are supposed to be next in line after God who can save lives of people.  Their priorities in such a situation is simply uncalled for.  Whatever be the reason for the strike, it does not mean that patients who are in critical condition are left in a lurch.  It took more than 18 hours for them to resume work.  By then it was too late to rejoin the limbs.  Is there no way can doctors go on strike without affecting and putting critical patients life in danger?

To make matters, the women succumbed to her injuries leaving behind a child who witness the whole incident traumatized and grieved husband.

The irony is that a women lost her life but who would be considered responsible for it?

i) The railways which did nothing to prevent such robberies which were on a rise.

ii) The thieves who in their process of earning a quick buck made a family lose their mother and a wife.

iii) The doctors whose priorities resulted the women losing her limbs and then subsequently succumbing to her injuries.


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