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I and my friend were awaiting the arrival of the train, when he popped up the question of “What do you think of the Delhi gang rape?”

My first reaction was a “forced” silence that I thrusted upon myself with thoughts coming in my mind that no matter what I think about the issue, it will not end up making a difference.

As of now there is a lot of anguish among the people over the brutality of the incident that took place. How the life of a young girl with desires of fulfilling her dreams was abrupt cut short by men who unleash the beasts that resided within them.

It feels good that protests are being carried out throughout the nation demanding for better protection, to protect the rights of women and punish the culprits guilty of such heinous crime. The real question is will we be able to make that difference?

We, the Indian citizens suffer from short-term memory loss. Its like straight out of the movie Ghajini and donning the role of Amir Khan who lives in the reality for a short moment and is always clueless of his actions. We will vent out of fury, cry and make noise and then after a few days with our govt. making false assurances go back to our old ways as if nothing has happened.

India today is represented by inefficient, corrupt politicians for whom their own interests come first before the nation. The sad part is that none of the political parties can truly states that largest democratic country lives by the laws of “government of the people, by the people and for the people” the pillars of foundation for a democratic country.

Justice is dead in this country. The only place where people pin their hopes to get justice is our judicial system. Our courts is plagued by backlog of cases, shortage of judges to preside over court. The time the court takes to pass verdict often make people cynical and sarcastic. Wonder if justice can truly be delivered or the system is leveraged to benefit the corrupt/culprits as long as justice is delayed. Yet one only hears of talks of improving the system but no concrete progress has been made. Funnily though all of this does not stop the courts from going on vacations (set up during the British empire) even as justice is awaited…..

What do people in such a nation should do? Choose to look the other side? even though our so-called elected representatives are not doing the job they are supposed to. Are the people suppose to watch in silence like Gandhiji’s three monkeys “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”?

Its time to take a stand, make that difference that a nation needs from its people. The protest for the Delhi gang rape should not just stop there. Stating opinions will not make a difference unless followed by action. So the question now is what are we waiting for……

Bonus: The below ad rightly portrays the sentiment of India.


12 year Girl Raped by Cousin, Friend & Neighbors

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When I read this news today, there was only thought in my mind.  How could anyone fall so low and commit a heinous crime.

What astonishes more is the fact that apart from the cousin who first raped her, she was  again raped by his friend and seven neighbors of which includes a 71 year old man.  They even created MMS of their acts so that they could blackmail her.

One cannot imagine what kind of nightmare the girl had been going through the years since the sinister act started taking place over a period of almost 2 years.

If these people who raped her were so much sexually frustrated why did not they visited the brothels instead of picking on someone much younger and making her a victim of their vasana.

I feel sad for the girl who had to go through such an ordeal for such a long time but also relived that she found a saviour in her aunt who gathered the courage to report the matter to police.

The rapists may be punished for a certain period of time behind bars but it is the 12 year old girl who has to live her life with the scars.

P.S.  Lets hope and pray that the girl is able to live a normal life again.