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Human Psyche

I am starting a new series (a first for me) on Human Psyche. It would be about situations and how people react to it. It would be about people who react differently to a situation than logic permits. Giving my take of the situation and you could yours. It’s not about passing judgments but to understand the human nature.

The human mind intrigues me, I would be doing good as a shrink or as a counselor but I realized it late and by that time I was already out of college 😦

Being an observer, I have often seen how people would not follow the logical route and would do something different to come out as a winner or end up losing to the situation badly.

Its about analyzing what made individuals take the decisions they did and kind of help us deal better with our situations in the present or the future.

P.S.: I don’t have any clue how I am going to pull this off, but I will and do let me know if the effort was good enough. It might take time for the first of the series to hit the blog, so be patient 🙂

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