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The Apprentice (Donald Trump)

Posted in Uncategorized by Tall Guy on October 14, 2016

“You are Fired” is what I saw him doing when I started watching the show “The Apprentice” He would carry the aura of a self made man and would go on to explain on why he has fired the candidate.

I used to watch that show a lot, even liked the song “Money Money” played in the background as the program would start with images hovering around the Trump Tower.

Back then I did not knew who Donald Trump was. I only knew that he was a real estate business and made a lot of moolah in it. Apart from that he also owned the Miss World beauty pageant.

The US presidential elections is an event that the whole world watches with keen. Considering that its a world leader, choice of a president has it after effects on other countries depending on the path the newly elected President decided to takes.

History was made during the last US elections, when Mr. Barack Obama the first African-American was made president of the USA. People thought it was a dream turned into a reality as it changed the course of history for the country.

This elections too will recreate history if Hillary Clinton wins the elections to become the first women president of USA. It does comes as a surprise that they never had a women president given that movement of gender equality is strong over there as compared to India.

As the Democratic party backed Hillary Clinton who got the nomination from her party, the Republican party seems to be caught clueless as to whom to back who will win the presidential elections for them.

Seventeen names cropped up to get the nomination from their party but it all came down to one name. That name was Donald Trump. Yes, I know you wondering what is he doing bidding for the president elections. Apparently it was his time to be the candidate vying to be “The Apprentice”.

Except for the fact that this was not a TV show but the reality with the world as an audience and yes no retakes and cuts. It could not get any real than this.

Donald became the ‘Trump’ card when he won the nomination bid from his party. Snatching away victory from the politicians whose profession is politics…

If the fact that if his hair is real or a wig got people’s attention his foot in the mouth statements during his speeches left them with jaw dropping mouths. It felt as if he invented the foot int the mouth disease.

The ‘Trump’ card that people hoped Donald would turn out against a strong competitor like Hillary turned out to be the ‘Joker’. Alas waking up from their sleep would not get rid of their nightmare.

Every word that came out created more chaos and awe among the people all around. The nightmare seem to get only worse. He was more better as a billionaire looking after his business who appeared more subtle than now where he seems to be shooting from his hip every now and then.

This Joker is feared more than the one in the Dark Knight movie.

When one talks about electing someone as a President of a country. The person should exude confidence and is able to carry out his duties responsible towards his nation. To make that critical decision when no one want to make one.

To thinks about those characteristics in a president and then look at Donald Trump on the other end, I think one know what the right choice is all about.

Sorry, to say Mr. Trump but you are fired as your incompetency reflects in your actions. You have not been able to be a team player to carry your party together under your leadership. To be a role model for the people to whom you wish to guide the path of the future of your country. You are fired from becoming “The Apprentice”.

I hope the people in the US too take their decision wisely.