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A New Change in the Offing??

Posted in India, Politicians, Politics by Tall Guy on August 22, 2011

I was walking down the road today and I see an old man wearing a paper headband with Anna Hazare mentioned and his name and number. As I reached another place, saw an old couple walking down the road, with the old man wearing a human billboard in praise of our PM (you know what I mean) that showed support to Anna Hazare’s cause which has the country in upheaval as they try to pass the Jan Lokpal bill.

It’s good to see that finally the Indians have decided to stand for something, not sure if even more than half of them know the difference about the Government Lokpal bill and the Jan Lokpal bill. To see people standing for something really shows that we are ready to bring a change in the nation that it badly needs.

I hope this only the beginning of the more people agitations to come against far more serious issues where our elected politicians need to learn that people cannot be taken granted. The corrupt should be punished and the welfare of the people should be a priority.

Let us all believe that we can be the change that we want to see in the world, the only thing it requires is the drive to make it happen……

So do you have it in you?

The Spirit of Bombay

Posted in acts of terrorism, Mumbai by Tall Guy on July 22, 2011

I am not sure what the above words mean, but they are used every time whenever the city has faced a calamity like terrorist attacks saying it’s the spirit of Bombay that keeps the city alive.

Have started to hate those words, because people who are using it don’t know what it means. It’s not the spirit of Bombay that gets them going the next day when they come across such attacks but the need to get out and go back to their routine lives as they have no control over where the next attack will took place.

Every time such attacks took place, people talk about it, blame the system, politicians and everyone they can think of and then they forget about it unless reminded of it again.

The spirit of a city does not refer to going back to their routine lives the next day when such attacks took place, but to have a civic sense to make sure that such incidents are not repeated if we as citizens remain alert about suspicious activities.

It’s really a shame that even after such an incident, that the death of a tax driver in the city went unnoticed. I think it says it all on how much aloof we have become as a society.

So the next time you use the word “the spirit of Bombay”, think twice about what it means and also are you doing what you expect others to do to keep the spirit of the city going……..

Kanyadan & Pregnancy Connection

Posted in India, Women Issues by Tall Guy on May 28, 2010

Recently I met a friend of mine who told me of an incident which made me wonder about the mentality of the so called Indian society that we live in.  She told me about her cousin who recently got married.

The highlight of the wedding was the “kanyadan” which is normally done by the bride’s father/uncle/brother was done by her sister even though they had a cousin brother who could do it.  Apparently the murmurs began in the wedding itself and someone even called up the bride’s native place to tell about it.  The marriage though took place without any hitch.  However this was not the end.

After 3-4 months of marriage, people started inquiring with her mother-in-law whether the girl has got pregnant yet.  In fact the girl was also asked about it which made her wonder why such a question is being asked when only a few months had passed after marriage.  It later turned out that the reason why this was being asked was because the sister who did the “kanyadan” did not conceive for a long period of time and had adopted a child instead.  So the logic that went around was that the bride who got married may not be able to conceive as the kanyadan was done by sister who did not conceive.

The good news did come through as few months passed by putting a lid on all the talk that was going around.  It also came as a relief to the sister who was worried that she might end up getting a bad name in case the bride did not conceive.

To me, all this looks like straight out of a telly plot where such things were shown but never thought that they actually happen in the reality.  So what if the sister and brother-in-law did the kanyadan?  Who the hell are people to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong.  It’s a family decision on who does the kanyadan and other people don’t need to poke their nose into it regarding themselves as guardians of our culture.

I guess they need to be given a lesson in how cultures evolve and how each generation creates their own and leave it upon the future generations whether to follow or give it up.  Nobody has the “right” to enforce it on anyone.

The reasoning behind the bride won’t be able to conceive was simply irrational.  How can people be so dumb? And that the news spreads like fire even though there is no ounce of truth to support the claim is really shocking.  What surprises me more is that this did not happen in any rural village but in a metro city.

It almost comes like a farce where we keep talking about “21st century India” and we still look like living in “Old India” which is too rigid to give up its social conventions and does not gives an individual the choice of what he/she wants to do…..