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Media Callousness

Posted in media lows, Uncategorized by Tall Guy on April 30, 2017

A few days ago the whole nation seem to be obsessed with the chaos that Sonu Nigam’s tweet created over the use of loudspeakers for Azaan on Twitter.

It was bound to create controversy and it sure did and it soon came to the understanding that he voiced his opinion towards one community when that was not the case.

All kinds of opinions and fatwa came in but no one bothered to inform or should I say make aware that he was speaking about the use of loudspeakers for religious activities.

However in the midst of all of this raises a question about the Media’s responsibility towards putting the facts right in front of the people to form a correct/fair opinion. Something that did not happen here.

Similarly when the news of SnapChat CEO’s comment over India broke out, the media did not clear the reality behind it. It lead to a movement that people began uninstalling the app and down rating it in the app market.

The above incidents clearly indicate that times have really changed and media whose job was to make sure that the truth/fact is reported has been changed into sensationalism which could lead to higher TRP’s & what not’s.

In the age of Whatapp, Twitter, FB wherein news spreads like wildfire its equally the responsibility of the media to ensure that facts/truth are reported.

Then again, the people who appear gullible for the news that breaks in for to get their facts right before they come to a conclusion.

As far as the media goes, this is not going to be the last but hope it turns around like a cycle and good times are back again with a BANG!