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The Perfect Score 100%

Posted in Uncategorized by Tall Guy on July 8, 2017

I happen to read the papers and the tenth standard results were out with many scoring a perfect 100.

A few years back getting a perfect 100 was nearly impossible as no education board used to give them. Apparently you can score 100% now by enrolling into sports, arts and culture wherein one can get extra marks.

It just made me think about the students who ended at the lower end of the pyramid with low scores.

A tenth standard scores is considered very crucial as its like a stepping stone to the direction of the career one will choose.

With colleges coming up with cut-off percentage to admit students, students who have not done well or may be score a 65-75% will not be able to get into colleges.

To make them go through that kind of phase so early in life is something not justified when one is preparing them to take on the real world.

The education board seriously need to think about setting up the bar so high and the repercussions that can be felt by students on the lower order.

We all know that marks that one get in schools/colleges does not defines you once you are out in the real world. Still punishing those who did not do well at the cusp of their careers is certainly not justified.

Hope this trend of giving the perfect score is revamped.


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