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The Spirit of Bombay

Posted in acts of terrorism, Mumbai by Tall Guy on July 22, 2011

I am not sure what the above words mean, but they are used every time whenever the city has faced a calamity like terrorist attacks saying it’s the spirit of Bombay that keeps the city alive.

Have started to hate those words, because people who are using it don’t know what it means. It’s not the spirit of Bombay that gets them going the next day when they come across such attacks but the need to get out and go back to their routine lives as they have no control over where the next attack will took place.

Every time such attacks took place, people talk about it, blame the system, politicians and everyone they can think of and then they forget about it unless reminded of it again.

The spirit of a city does not refer to going back to their routine lives the next day when such attacks took place, but to have a civic sense to make sure that such incidents are not repeated if we as citizens remain alert about suspicious activities.

It’s really a shame that even after such an incident, that the death of a tax driver in the city went unnoticed. I think it says it all on how much aloof we have become as a society.

So the next time you use the word “the spirit of Bombay”, think twice about what it means and also are you doing what you expect others to do to keep the spirit of the city going……..


Will The Situation Change?

Posted in India by Tall Guy on November 27, 2009

The images of the November 26 attacks were being replayed across the media channels as the day happen to be the anniversary of the terror attack that shook the nation by surprise.

Parade was carried out by the Bombay police to show their newly acquired artillery and equipments in case such an event occur again.  Politicians (inside & outside Parliament) tried to capitalize on the moment by asking questions  about compensation not being received by the families of those who lost their lives.

While the media debated on how much the scenario have changed then.  The people made sure that they show their solidarity by lighting candles.

The one question that is still lurking on everyone’s mind is “Has enough been done to prevent such attacks in the future?”  That’s a question no one has an answer.

People do have short memory.   The images that are still fresh in our mind would fade away in memories.  Hope we don’t forget what we have learned.

Somewhere down the line we have failed to ask the right questions.  Voting alone is not going to bring a change in the administration of a government.  Holding government accountable will!!

It’s time that we start doing our bit for the nation as someone has rightly said”

Ab Tak Jiska Khoon Na Ubala, Khoon Nahi Woh Pani Hain
Jo Des Ke Kaam Naa Aa Sake Woh Bekar Jawani Hain…

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